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Matr Boomie

spiced honey 3oz candle

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about this product

Reminiscent of the first day of Fall, the aromas of this candle will fill a home with notes of honey sweet spice combined with hints of moss and smoke balancing out the sweetness with some woodsy, green notes, making this a great gender neutral gift. A step away from the typical cinnamon, pumpkin spice but still invoking those same cozy, warm and fuzzy feelings!

Fragrance notes: top notes of honey, spice, bergamot, middle notes of moss and smoke and base notes of vanilla

Burn time: 22 hours

item specifications

Dimensions: 2" tall, 2.25" diameter

candle burning tips

light your candle with a long lighter, and allow the candle to burn evenly to the edges to avoid "tunneling". trim your wick to 1/4" before each time you light it, this will ensure you candle burns evenly and keeps dirty soot out of your candle.

light your candles on a heat proof surface, do not leave your candles unattended, and never burn for more than 4 hours at a time. keep out of children, flammable objects, and pets. once the candle wax is down to 1/3", stop burning the candle, and you may reuse the jar for another purpose.  

care instructions

Spot clean.

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