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How do I pronounce Matr Boomie?

mä-ter boo-me

What does Matr Boomie mean?

Matr Boomie literally means 'motherland,' the creative source, the ground we walk on. Transcending borders and boundaries, Matr Boomie alludes to the people and places who have shaped our character and woven our unique perspectives. It’s the thread that binds us all in the same great human family. It's why we believe we are ALL ONE. ALL KIN.

What does Fair Trade mean?

Fair Trade is a market-based approach to alleviating global poverty and promoting sustainability. Fair Trade encompasses both economic and social development. Along with setting a fair price of goods and creating a safe working environment, it aims to improve the communities and livelihoods of the artisans.

Are Matr Boomie products environmentally friendly?

Not only are we focused on ensuring the legacy of traditional art forms lives on, we also believe in leaving a sustainable legacy for people and the planet. The majority of our products are made with environmentally-friendly (natural, recycled, renewable, non-toxic) materials, and one of the values of Fair Trade is ensuring an eco-friendly working environment for the producers. 

How do you help the artisan communities?

It's really YOU who helps our artisan community (and we thank you for it!) Aside from working with the artisans to provide access to fair wages and opportunities for commerce, your purchase allows us to sponsor community workshops and camps that include vocational training, literacy, and vision and health care check-ups. We also work with artisan groups to improve their creation process to eliminate exposure to toxins, reduce water and fuel waste, recycle/upcycle materials, and build safer working spaces for them to practice their craft. Since 2013, customer purchases have made it possible for us to complete more than 50 important community development projects for artisan groups in India.

Where is Matr Boomie located?

Our headquarters is located in Austin, TX. All of our products are shipped from India to our warehouse in Austin, where they are then shipped to you. We also have a fantastic network of retail partners who carry Matr Boomie products in their stores. Find the store nearest you here.

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