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Empowering Through Fair Trade

Fair Trade aims to educate and empower disadvantaged artisans and connect them to global markets, alleviating poverty and promoting sustainability. Fair Trade is a socially-conscious business model that encompasses principles such as anti-slave, anti-child labor; environmentally-friendly processes; fair, living wages; healthy work environment; gender equality; and transparency. As part of our mission to create a world that’s more compassionate, kind and connected, Matr Boomie goes beyond fair wages. We also invest in development projects, healthcare, education, skills training, loan programs, and scholarships for women, minorities, and people with special needs. 

Meet Our Founders

Matr Boomie began in 2006 as a dream to create positive change through ethical, sustainable trade. Our founders, Ruchi and Manish, sought to relieve the extreme poverty in their native India by bridging the rich culture and potential of rural Indians and opportunities of the modern world.

Partnering with grassroots organizations and master artisans, unskilled women and men were transformed into community artisans. Manish and Ruchi personally ensured that the materials and processes used were safe for people and kind to the land. With the help of family, a team in India was established to guarantee efficient communications and high-quality production, and a team in Austin, Texas was gathered to design custom collections that delight, while honoring the culture and craft of Indian artisans. Over a decade later, the little company run out of Manish and Ruchi’s Austin apartment has grown into a leader and innovator in ethical, sustainable business.

In 2018, Matr Boomie was awarded the People & Planet Award from Green America. This award is given to small businesses who show dedication to a green economy and worker empowerment.

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Our goal is to bring people and cultures closer together while respecting the Earth and fueling the social and economic standing of underprivileged artisans in India.

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