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Kantha Splash Yoga Bag - Assorted


Handcrafted yoga mat bag featuring a beautiful, block printed patchwork with teal accents and colorful kantha stitching, easy carry straps, and a zipper closure. Includes a deep cotton pocket inside for organization. Please note: due to the upcycled nature of this item, it comes in assorted colors and patterns based on the saris available to our artisans. The bag you receive may not be the same color or pattern as the bag shown.
Dimensions: 28" L, 5.7" D; 15" drop
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The beautiful assorted fabrics for patchwork are collected from recycled saris and scraps from the textile industry, which helps divert waste from landfills. Artisans cut patterns in the patchwork pieces to glue onto cotton, then hand stitch with thick thread lines and sprinkle with embroidery and occasional beads and sequins.


Artisans in urban northwest India sew upcycled denim, sari fabrics, and cotton to create our beautifully repurposed and stylish accessories. The fabric is sourced from cloth collectors’ remnants and discards, checked for defects, washed and prepped for a new life. Men take the bulk of the machine stitching work; women work on finishing, traditional kantha embroidery, and hand stitching. Many fabrics created and embellished by other artisans that require complex stitching are sent to this community for fine finishing details.

Patchwork Artisans

The craft of patchwork provides sustainable income for artisans who live in the dry, desert state of Rajasthan, India which is affected by severe drought and little farming opportunity. We partner with a local organization that provides full-time employment for about 20 artisans, and need-based work for about 100 more. Due to the success of our products, this group sustains a dignified lifestyle for the artisans.

Stitching Artisans

Our stitching artisan partners come from a low-income community. Steady, reliable, fair income, and skills training and development have enhanced their positions economically and socially. Many of the artisans’ children are in school, and the families can now attain higher education.

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