4 Ways to Elevate your Jewelry Game

4 Ways to Elevate your Jewelry Game

For the new year, maybe you've wanted to elevate your look and develop your style. Or you have always loved jewelry but don't know where to even begin. For all of you who've been looking for a sign to accessorize, we've put together a survival guide to help you step up your jewelry game.

 1) Find Your Inspiration

Before you add every piece that catches your eye to your cart, let's take it back to the basics. If you're not used to wearing jewelry, looking at all the different designs and types might get overwhelming. Take some time to look through websites and social media to see if there's a trend of what you're interested in.

Also, think about what you're most comfortable wearing. Earrings? Bracelets? Gold? Silver? Starting with basic and classic designs and metals can act as neutrals and mix and match with any outfit.

2) Start Small

Whichever category you decide to begin with, it's best to start small. Perhaps instead of a large statement earring, maybe opt for a simple hoop or a stud. Starting small with the basics will not only add a piece you can wear season after season, but it'll be less daunting to wear and style.

3) Make It A Habit

Since wearing jewelry is a step out of your comfort zone, it might feel a little unusual at first. Since it's new on your body, you might feel hyper-aware of the feeling at first. From the new weight on your ears to feeling something around your wrist, it's definitely a new sensation! 

Once you get in the habit of wearing jewelry, your body will begin to adjust to the new feelings. It takes 21 days to create a habit, you might as well look good doing it!

4) Keep It Organized

When you start to grow your collection, it's extremely important to keep it organized. Not only will it help the longevity of your new pieces, but it'll also be easier to find them and wear them! There are so many ways to organize your jewelry, but it's best to keep it simple at the beginning.

 Two of the most common ways are using a jewelry stand, or a jewelry box. A jewelry stand is a great option for at-home since it keeps your pieces separated to ensure there is no tangling or misplacing one of your earrings! A great option for travel is a secured jewelry box. While traveling it's especially important to make sure all your pieces are secured while hopping from place to place. Our Ankura Travel Jewelry Box is a great option since it contains a snap closure for stylish safekeeping within a purse or travel bag.

From classic designs to statement styles, we have the perfect piece that your collection has been missing!