5 Journaling Ideas

5 Journaling Ideas

When you think of journaling what comes to mind? You may think of a tool that brings your focus inward and supports with inner dialogue, self-awareness and self-discovery. Sometimes people find this intimidating but there are many ways this an be expressed besides pouring out all your inner feelings on a page.

Journals can be used for organization and reflection in all areas of your life:

Mindfulness Journaling

Either free writing or using prompts, this is taking time to delve into that inner self and dialogue. Maybe you look back and see how you've grown or maybe reflect on things that still need work at or just sit with your feelings. You can't go wrong with a gratitude journal!

Wellness Journaling

Maybe keeping track of the things that make you feel good, scheduling time for these things and jotting down your experiences. It could be as simple as bath time with some candles and how you felt before and after.

Record your travel adventures

Maybe it's a blog or just your own personal memories, blogging about travels is another great way to record and reflect on memories in addition to photos and IG posts! Maybe include an impromptu sketch or water color too! You may need refills for this one!

Get your meal planning in order

It's all the rage on social media! Jot down your meal planning and reflect on how changes you are making are making a difference in your life. Keep to yourself or share with friends and family!

Refine your tasting skills

Yep there are journals specifically for this! Whether it's noting down notes for beer, wine, whiskey or coffee we got you covered!




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