7 Gifts for Dad (Even if he says he doesn't NEED anything!)

7 Gifts for Dad (Even if he says he doesn't NEED anything!)

We know it all too well when thinking of gifts for dad for Father's Day and beyond and coming across "he has everything" or he says he "doesn't need anything". We've compiled a few gifts for him from our collection to fit a variety of budgets, which are fun and functional!

 1. Make sure he never loses his eyeglasses or readers again 🤓

Our nose shaped eyeglasses holder is a perfect addition to a desk or nightstand to to keep glasses and readers safe and within easy reach.

2. Help him keep his precious memories framed 🖼️

Choose from a range of shapes and styles of picture frames, artisan handcrafted from cruelty-free bone and sustainably sourced wood or elegantly brass inlaid marble.

 3. For the whiskey connoisseur 🥃

This whiskey tasting pocket journal is handy to take along on visits to distilleries or just at home to make visits with family and friends fun and educational.


 4. For Game Nights ♠️

Whether it is poker or dice this game night box features a pack of playing cards and rolling dice.

 5. Father-Child Bonding Time

What better way for dad to bond with the kids then teach them a classic game of chess! This travel chess game set is portable and can be played on-the-go!


6. Journaling time

A journal for daily journaling, taking notes, jotting thoughts. This world map journal makes a perfect travel companion for business or pleasure! This eco-friendly journal is made using 100% recycled cotton paper (made from textile scraps) and cruelty-free leather. It is refillable (buy refills) making it a timeless gift.


7. Yes, men like candles too!

Choose a a gender neutral scent like our 8oz Patchouli Sage scent, soy wax candle, hand-poured by people at risk in Austin, Texas.




Of course dad will appreciate anything you do for him or give him to let him know you thought of him, it's the thought that counts! 




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