Puppy Love - these 5 dogs will make your day

Puppy Love - these 5 dogs will make your day

 Puppy Love - these dogs will make your day

Here at Matr Boomie we love our pets, our cuddly critters and we don’t just have 1 but more than 5 office dogs between us!

As Valentines Day approaches, we wanted to take a moment to introduce y’all to a few of our furry friends, some of them modeling products from our sustainably handmade pet accessories collection:

Meet Harley 

Image 1: Harley as a puppy rolling around the old Matr Boomie HQ

Image 2: Harley modeling the Ishivatva Dog Flower - Assorted

Harley, the lovely Great Pyrenees, Pitbull, Germán Shepherd and Australian cattle dog mixed mutt, belongs to our in-house Graphic Designer, Ana. She's been a regular at the MB HQ since she was a mere 8 weeks old! Her favorite thing is to excitedly greet all members of the team as she arrives while simultaneously fishing to see who has the treats (usually Tam, our wonderful office manager). Harley has even been featured in one of our pet product shoots! She’s a Matr Boomie mascot and ambassador. 

Meet Bruno

Image 1: Bruno as a wee puppy with Founder & CEO Manish's eldest daughter Adya

Image 2: Bruno enjoying the outdoors

Image 3: Bruno is not impressed! Haha!

Bruno belongs to Manish, our Founder and CEO and his family. Full name Bruno Babubhai Taco Gupta. Pet name: Nanja. Bruno is Labrador retriever and is 8 months old. He loves outdoors and enjoys going on hikes and trails. He is super energetic and always up for playing and running around. By nature he is  calm and loving and has quickly become house favorite.

Meet Luna

Image 1, 2, 3: Luna very politely playing with the Matr Boomie Ishivatva Tug Toy - Assorted in the comfort of her cozy home.

Luna (full name Cochon De Lune which translates to Moon Pig in French) is a two year old Australian mini Shepard. Like all French women she is very polite, beautiful and equally demanding. When she is not herding our two cats she enjoys long hikes, eating vegetables and hanging out with the team in the office.

Meet Pint 

Image 1: Pint sitting up like a bear at his humble abode.

Pint belongs to Nisha, our Digital Marketing Associate. Pint is an orange-ish colored Chiweenie (yes that's a Weiner dog, Chihuahua mix). We joke that Pint is a University of Texas (UT) mascot because of his coloring and the marking on his chest that looks like a "T" similar to the UT Longhorns logo - Hook 'em Horns! He loves to play ball and sits up like a bear!  He would love a day at the office but his siblings would be super jealous and put up a fight!

Meet Zoey & Opal

Image 1 & 2: Zoey & Opal showing off another unique way to use our Sari Fabric Wraps - Assorted

Zoey and Opal belong to our Design Director, Sarah. Zoey is a Chihuahua mix with a curly tail who loves playing with toys, eating, and getting into trouble. Opal is a Maltese mix whose favorite thing is making friends with people, and she loves to visit all her friends at the Matr Boomie office. Both girls are rescues.

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