Celebrating 2021: The Impact we Made in India

2021 was a year of big growth over at Matr Boomie. The impact we made allowed for more doors to open alongside more opportunities for artisan partners in India. When you make the conscious decision to purchase fair trade products, you are choosing to be a part of a bigger cycle. From the materials that we source to the artisan partners that we work with, everything has a purpose. This year we have been able to expand our business to more partners across India; giving more artisans the confidence and independence they need to be their own entreprenuers and provide for their families future. 

Here's a look at some of the impact we've been able to make this year. From providing new machines that allow more efficient work to overcoming the biggest hurdle the pandemic has seen across the world. 

Donating Drill Machines to copper bell artisans
 This allows artisans to work more efficiently and independently. 
Sponsored buffer machines
and motors to wood carving artisans
 This helps artisans expand their business. 
Provide machinery to terracotta artisans
 This allows for a faster process and less overall wastage. 
 Sponsored finishing and cutting machines to paper mache artisans
Higher production means the opportunity for more versatility of designs. 
Oxygen Concentrator Fundraiser
 India faced one of the biggest hardships in the pandemic this year with Covid. We encourage you to read our blog "Matr Boomie Fundraises Oxygen Supply Unit for India", where we share our journey in raising $15,000 to supply oxygen to rural parts of India.  
We are so grateful to be able to share our story with you. To be able to grow and look forward to years to come. And most importantly, to be able to provide sustainable employment opportunities across India. Remember fair trade is never about charity work but about creating a positive and fair future for everyone. 
Thank you for a wonderful 2021 and many cheers for a brand new year in 2022!