Celebrating Fair Trade Month in 2021

Celebrating Fair Trade Month in 2021

   How Matr Boomie Celebrated Fair Trade Month 


Every October we do our best to use Fair Trade Month as a way to celebrate and educate our tribe members about the important role we play as a thought leader in the fair trade space. This October our team took a different approach in utilizing our virtual tools such as Zoom to host a 3-week LIVE webinar that broke down the various aspects that make up the fair trade world. 


Each session focused on the following:

  1. Understanding from a leaders perspective
  2. Addressing the supply chain and how it varies from that of conventional markets 
  3. Explore the Fair Trade produce industry from farmers, supplies, and distributors point of view 

Most importantly each live session included a special story from one of our artisan partners in India. With permission from each artisan partner, we got an insight into how sustainable employment opportunities have changed the lives for them professionally and also personally. There’s a layer behind each product that we sell and why we emphasize that each product hints at a deeper story.

 “Fair Trade is about empowerment not charity”, a quote we hear very often from CEO and Founder at Matr Boomie. This serves as a reminder that organizations such as Matr Boomie and our partner organization in India, SETU offer reliable working opportunities and safe working conditions for many artisans across India who have been working in their craft as passed down from generation to generation. 


We hope that these session recordings serve as a form of inspiration for the next time you are curious about learning more about fair trade and the impact your purchase makes. 


A Conversation with Fair Trade Founders 

Speakers include: Manish from Matr Boomie, Leslie from Swahili Imports and Adele from Abrazo Style 


Understanding the Fair Trade Supply Chain

Speakers include members of Matr Boomie’s Product Design, Operations, and Marketing team With special guest Lee Owsley from Latitudes Fair Trade. 


What is a Fair Trade Producer? 

Speakers include: Ravdeep from Equal Exchange Produce, Alex and Iris from Covilli Brand Organics and Paul from JusTea. 


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