Curate a bookshelf

Curate a bookshelf


Editorial and showroom spaces are always enviable with the perfect balance of making spaces look and feel lived in and at the same time like a work of art. At Matr Boomie, not only are our products functional, they also showcase unique artisan craftsmanship. What better way to show off these unique elements than on a thoughtfully curated bookshelf. Bookshelves are functional but you don’t have to use them just to store all your books. Think about adding some quirky artsy elements and other things that showcase your personal style, as well as things that show a lived in element.

  1. Clear the shelf and start with a blank canvas
  2. Think about the books you want to include and stack them in varying directions (not just vertical but horizontal for example), in different areas of the bookshelf, leaving some “white” space.
  3. Show off books that show off your personality or the persona you want to be! Haha!
  4. Add in some picture frames with photos of people or places important to you, or frame some unique artwork or a favorite inspirational quote.
  5. Add in some unique, artsy items that scream character like our quirky eyeglasses holders
  6. Add some fun tabletop games for display that you can easily access to enjoy at game night with friends or family!

So, if you don't have time to redecorate a whole room, but want it to feel like you did consider a bookshelf makeover to refresh your space!


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