Rani, Queen of Courage

Rani, Queen of Courage

Manish Gupta 
CEO and Co-founder of Matr Boomie.


Parents in India choose the names of their children carefully and based on special characteristics.  One of our talented quality inspectors in Jaipur is a young but unwavering woman named Rani. Meaning Queen in Hindi, Rani could not be a more appropriate title for this amazing leader.  Rani grew up with three siblings but raised without a mother. Because of low household income and gender bias, she receive few education opportunities growing up.

Rani was married very early and did not have much of a say in choosing her husband. Unfortunately, her husband ended up falling victim to alcoholism. A photographer by profession, at one point Rani’s husband sold his camera to buy alcohol. By this time this happened, Rani was dealing living in poverty and in an abusive marriage.

About 10 years ago, Rani starting working as a quality checker with our India team, SETU. She is a hard worker and always ensured that her personal challenges did not bleed into her work. After joining our team, she began to financially support her family. One of Rani’s children is in need of specialized medical care and she has managed to care and provide for. In spite of her work with SETU, Rani had difficulty getting ahead of her many challenges.

Five years ago, the SETU team moved to a new town. Rani decided to join them. This was a very bold decision since extended conservative family who opposed the move. She was able to convince her husband to move which allowed him a fresh start. We are excited to report that he started working again! Rani also encourage two of her unemployed brothers to move and helped them find jobs.

With the assistance of a SETU-backed loan, Rani was able to purchase an apartment for her family. Having a home has anchored her family with a solid foundation from which to build upon. Through all of the challenges, Rani has maintained a strong work ethic and was recently promoted to Quality Inspector. One of Rani’s goals is to ensure that her children receive a good education and experience some of the blessings in life that she was not afforded.

Rani is truly a Queen of perseverance, hard work, and devotion to her family.

We salute her courage!