How to Wrap Gifts with Matr Boomie

Our goal is to design beautiful and ethically-sourced handmade pieces that you can feel good about wearing, and gifting. Picture this - it's the holiday season and all you can imagine is a world where gifts are wrapped in sustainable and ethical ways. Here at Matr Boomie, that is a world we also dream of. Which is why every year we bring "gift wrap" to a new level with innovative ways to use our products or have available (unless sold out) ready-to-go sustainable gift wrap options that will make the recipient of your gift beaming with joy. 

Made by Hand. Made with Love. Made for Good.


Don't have time to purchase from a store? Don't fret because all of these gift wrap ideas can be easily found from your home so you can recreate these gift wrapping solutions with items you already have. 


Sari Fabric Wraps 

Sourced from upcycled saris, these fabric squares have unlimited ways to wrap your gifts with love - without tape or paper! 

Shop Sari Wraps & Sari Alternative Products for Gifting 


Upcycled Sari Drawstring Bag

Our Upcycled Sari Collection gives new purpose to sari textiles in thoughtfully crafted, eco-chic designs. Upcycled design honors the spirit of sustainability and resourcefulness within local communities and provides for vibrant combinations with a one of a kind quality. This bag is handcrafted with convenient drawstring and storage pouch in vibrant assorted colors and patterns.


Recycled Sari Pocket Bag 

These market bags are made from recycled saris, they fold into an internal pocket for compact storage. Due to the upcycled nature of this product, no one is alike as each bag comes in various colors and prints, imagine each one as a surprise when you receive. 


Upcycled Sari Grocery Bags

Reduce your footprint in style with these eco-friendly, reusable grocery bags handcrafted with vibrant, upcycled Indian textiles. Don't imagine these as just a useful piece for grocery store runs, but perfect for storing small, compact gift items as well!  


Gift Bags

Made from 100% recycled materials, these bags provide fair employment to the women who made them! 

Shop Polka Dot Gift Bags, as shown above. 

 Tote Bags 

These make great bags for the next time your recipient is on-the-go and headed to the store or Farmer’s Market. 


Shop Similar Tote Bag Styles 


Cactus Tote

This fun tote bag shows off a cactus block print pattern. It has double layered straps made of upcycled saris in primarily teal colors.


Mettalic Buddah Jute Tote

Jute tote bag in rich mocha brown features gold metallic screenprint of exclusive Buddha illustration, sturdy woven handles and zipper. Additional styles include our Metallic Ganesha Jute Tote in deep forest green.