Matr Boomie Fundraises Oxygen Supply Unit for India

Matr Boomie Fundraises Oxygen Supply Unit for India

Matr Boomie Fundraises Oxygen Supply Unit for India


India saw the biggest wave of COVID cases earlier this year. It was a severe humanitarian issue that begged for help with three people dying every minute. At Matr Boomie, India is special to us as it’s not only the home of where our company originated, it’s where our products are brought to life and to put it quite simply we wouldn’t exist without our partners in India. 

Due to this surge, we sat out with the intention with one goal, to create a solution for communities across India battling the biggest COVID surge seen to date. Back in May of 2021, our team sent out a call for support to our retail partners and tribe members in order to raise $15,000 in funds to create an oxygen supply unit filled with oxygen concentrators, hospital beds and medical staff to rural parts of India. 

With the help of many members of our community, we were able to raise these funds within a month's time and purchase 10 oxygen concentrators to be shipped out to India. Fast forward to July 2021 where our team received the exciting update that this fundraiser not only saved the lives of many people but was essential in government officials and health ministries establishing similar oxygen bank units in other areas across the country. 

Our co-founders, Manish & Ruchi share an update and express their sincerest gratitude for everyone’s support in making this happen. 




Here’s an inside look into the one of the Oxygen Bank Centers created as part of this fundraiser.


Our team in India helped to establish an oxygen bank center in Chomu Village, with our leather artisan community. This center has medical staff available and has provided detailed training to staff on how to use the concentrators. Any person who is in need of oxygen is able to use the oxygen concentrators free of charge. There is even a program set in place for patients to borrow concentrators as they are transported to hospitals to seek further medical help, and concentrators are then sent back once patients have arrived.  
This donation has enabled the facility to be better equipped should another COVID wave hit them. The entire community is so grateful that our organization worked so quickly to provide resources and wished to share their gratitude to all donors who helped make this project a reality. 


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