Patio Season (Part 2) - Yay it’s BBQ time!

Patio Season (Part 2) - Yay it’s BBQ time!

Elevate your hosting game with our tabletop and enjoy the outdoors with some fun & games!

Cheeseboard & trivets for mini sliders & desserts


Don't limit yourself to only serving cheese and meat on your charcuterie boards. Use our pieces as serving trays for your party favorites - mini sliders, cheesecakes or s’mores!

Salad Servers - everyone's favorite side (!)

It’s always a good idea to serve a healthy side with your indulgent treats. Make it interesting and add dried fruits and nuts or even a slice of watermelon or two!

Bowls for your favorite condiments & snacks

Chips & dips are usually a party crowd favorite no matter what the occasion. Use bowls to elevate your condiment presentation for your bbq foods.


All our games are handmade from sustainable materials and this one uses recycled Indian textiles for the bean bags!

Ring Toss 

An easy game for all the family to take their turn at landing the rings on the spindle.


 Tree free paper & Upccyled fabric garlands

Eco-friendly banners to help your indoor/outdoor party space come alive to entertain all your guests!

You will be July 4th, Memorial Day & Labor Day ready with these fun party ideas, rain or shine and whether you bbq or not! 

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