The holder of all things: Baskets

The holder of all things: Baskets

What do we, as home decor enthusiasts, love and use more than baskets? They are practical, beautiful and give the home such a warm feeling. What really adds to the warmth is how they are made. 

All the way from harvesting and drying to convert materials into strips or fibers, all our baskets are handmade by master artisans in Bangladesh. Hogla leaves and jute plants, some of the most sustainable materials offered by mother nature, are used to create these one of a kind pieces. 

With the arrival of Spring and Easter right around the corner, we figured we'd feature the best (and sometimes overlooked) holders-of-all-things and how they can make your space even better!

Here are our top choices:

1) The ultimate toy holder

pom pom baskets in living room setting with toys

Got kids? Or pups? Solve your toy clutter issues with these Pom Pom Nesting Baskets. They add a subtle pop of color and help your space feel a bit less chaotic! 


2) The hallway holder of all the things

storage baskets on bench

You know that hallway or entryway that you just throw your keys, shoes or purse in? Well these Sari Macrame Storage Baskets are just what that space needs. You can effortlessly throw your belongings into these pretty, handwoven beauties and still have a nice space for you to come home to! 


3) The "you wouldn't even know" it holds anything

gum ball baskets under stairs

These Gum Ball Baskets (in Small + Large) are the perfect solution for a space that needs some oomph but could also serve a purpose. Hiding your keys? Storing your most cherished jewelry perhaps? The options are endless. 


3) The egg holders

sari handle harvest baskets

Last but certainly not least is the Sari Handle Basket. This fun twist to the traditional easter basket features handles wrapped in vibrant, recycled sari textiles. These are obviously great for a good (and fashionable) easter egg hunt but also serve as a great harvesting or produce shopping basket! 


Happy Spring Y'all! 

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