Unique Wedding Gifts from Matr Boomie

Unique Wedding Gifts from Matr Boomie

Such a joyful time when two people decide to get married and celebrate that special love with their friends and family. At Matr Boomie, our own journey even started with a love story between our co-founders, Manish and Ruchi. The early origins of our own story begin when Manish and Ruchi met on a blind date and shared the same dream of finding a way to tap into the potential of artisans living in the most poverty stricken parts of India. They set forth on finding a way to use trade and design as a tool for powerful change and as a way to also ensure that treasured art forms found across India could be honored with the creation of beautiful products to be sold across the United States. What started as a dream soon blossomed into reality and 15 years later, Matr Boomie has been a thought leader in the wholesale industry and now with the launch of their own web storefront. Embedded into our company culture is the idea that marriage can be a bond between two people or experiences that hold significant meaning for the better good. 


We know how important it is when finding the perfect wedding gift, to give something that is thoughtful but can also be used year round. So take a look below at a few of our top picks for gifting to the newlyweds in your life! 


Picture Frames ($40-$70)

Chances are the newlyweds are going to want to cherish their favorite memories from their big day, so a picture frame is the perfect gift to show them off. Our picture frames are made from ethically sourced mango wood and bone made from naturally deceased animals. Each frame is unique in design meaning you can pick a more playful frame, or simplistic, the options are endless! 

Shown above: Sammita Frame, Mukhendu Bar Frame, Vayu Frame 

Mango Wood Hosting Tray ($84.00)

Our Mango Wood Hosting Tray is a gift that elevates any entertaining experience from dinner parties to game day watch parties! With its two hand carved serving wells and spoons, any dip would look great sitting here. And we are sure the couple you’ll give this to, will appreciate it's multi-functional use.

World Tablet and Book Stand ($98.00)

Nothing says “date night” more than cooking it up in the kitchen with a new recipe. Our World Tablet Book Stand is the perfect vessel for holding up a cookbook and following up new recipes in the kitchen. It also makes an excellent statement piece on any console table. 

World Spice Box ($42.00) 


The newlyweds can spice things up in the kitchen with our World Spice Box that features 6 metal bowls in which you can store your favorite spices.

Charcuterie Set ($36-$70)

Who doesn’t love a good charcuterie gift? For the couples who love to host, consider gifting our Nakshatra Cheese Knife Set or Cheese Board. These unique pieces are handcrafted from sustainable mango wood and are finished with gold brass stars. For a gift that feels luxe and doesn’t have to break the bank, these are go-to gifts any cheese lover, or couple will love.  

Rosewood 3-in-1 Game Set ($73.00) 

For the couple who loves game night, our Rosewood 3-in-1 Game Set makes the perfect gift. Not only is this game a conversational piece of home decor, it’s also multi-functional for game nights at home, or on the go with it’s hand carved tic-tac-toe, dice and dominoes pieces. 

Ushas Sari Twist Chime ($73.00) 

Lastly, to add the final piece to decorating any outdoor space, consider gifting one of our wind chimes. Wind chimes bring a magical sound to a home and our chimes make a memorable gift. Our Ushas Collection has many designs pieces to select from that marries the beautiful sound of the bells with upcycled sari detailing. 

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