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    Puppy Love - these 5 dogs will make your day

     Puppy Love - these dogs will make your day Here at Matr Boomie we love our pets, our cuddly critters and we don’t just have 1 but more than 5 office...

    3 Way to Feel Refreshed in your Workspace

     Is your current home office all you imagined it to be or what could it do with a little help?

    New Year, New You!

    With the world being in constant flux and with so much external stimuli surrounding us, mindfulness and living with intention is something more and more of us a turning to

    How to Wrap Gifts with Matr Boomie

    Our goal is to design beautiful and ethically-sourced handmade pieces that you can feel good about wearing, and gifting. Picture this - it's the holiday season and all you can imagine...

    Homemade Potpourri & Simmer Pot Ideas

    Homemade Potpourri Ideas & Simmer Pot Ideas Just imagine it's Fall and the yard is starting to dry out. Did you know you can make use of dried flowers or shrubs to...

    Why Wear Jewelry?

    From ancient times to modern day jewelry has been part of our lives. Take a sneak peak behind the scenes of the jewelry design and making process at Matr Boomie.

    Black Friday or Buy Nothing Day Dilemma?

    Are you a “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday” fanatic or an advocate of “Buy Nothing Day”? We at Matr Boomie believe in conscious consumerism.

    Celebrating International Women’s Day with the Women of Matr Boomie

    Meet the women that make up our team and hear how they choose to inspire and celebrate this International Women’s Day.

    The Invisible Damage of Poverty

    Before I became involved in Fair Trade, any time I would see a child working somewhere, I used to feel angry towards the parents of the kids for sending them to work at such a young age...

    What Fair Trade Means to Me

    First, Fair Trade applies only to marginalized producers (specifically farmers or artisans) who do not have opportunities to market their products.  Most of the time they fall into the poorest group of...

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