3 Budget-Friendly & Intentional Gift Giving Tips

3 Budget-Friendly & Intentional Gift Giving Tips

3 Budget-Friendly & Intentional Gift Giving Tips

Have you ever waited until the last minute to find the perfect gift for a special person or occasion, only to find yourself flustered and half satisfied with the results?  At Matr Boomie we take pride in being intentional about planning and shopping for gifts throughout the year so you can always have something ready and on-hand no matter who the person or what the occasion is.

Here are 3 tips to help you save time, effort and money next time you shop for a gift:

1) Make a mental or physical note about people you buy for holidays and special occasions and types of themes or things they love so you know what types of gifts to look out for

  • Dad - loves to garden, cook
  • Mom - loves anything cats!

2) Sign up for mailing or email lists with your favorite stores so you receive coupon codes, are notified when the best deals are happening and when things you love are back in stock:


3) When in store or perusing online look for the sale section or “gifts under” section so you can easily locate gifts within your budget:


Or shop by gender or theme sections:


Now you are equipped with some ways to avoid or minimize the time spent in long lines, seeing things you love are sold out or spending way over your intended budget, all you need is to create a little space in your home or garage to keep your secret stash ready for you when you need it! 

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